Whalee Vindy was a zicovus in the Hippo Army. He

Whalee Vindy

Other Names

Whalee the Hippo


Nupip Dolkose, Plujij Kraduki, Xal Dolkose, Whoggwhogg, Whalee Vindy, Vindy Whogg, Hippo Army, Moto Moto, Wams Kraduki, Tyglo Ropus, Trakkis Kraduki, Sammo Ultra, Anukiaun Gibot, Akakl, Sammo, LlamaLover, Xega Melu


George Aigaigy, Splatter Baby, Tinybaby Zudian, Moliene, Sillybaby Zudian, Whalee, Mommy, Cyrus, Daddy, Igloa, Ioa Akorius, Arkapella, Sitrun, Akor Akorius, Baby Army, Angi 3, Erig, Angi the Fourth, Allux Aldrossi, Evil Shadows, Cion, Tarkanium, Kopexus, the Shadowy Hippo, Zillos, Zilax

owned a Spots-Painting Shop, which is now owned by Wams Kraduki. Whalee had orange spots.

Hippo Story 2

Whalee first appeared skipping up the driveway of Sam's Kingdom with Wams Kraduki. Then, Whalee and his friend started swimming in Sam's Moat. As Wams brought Loobipotomas up out of the moat, Whalee started fighting Moliene. Whalee then, with the accidental help of Envylas Oceanwave, brought the killer whale up out of the water and onto the driveway. However, King Sammy's brother Whalee jumped out of Sam's Tower holding his spear and shovel. The King's brother attempted to push Moliene back into the water, but the orca was too heavy. Just as Whalee and a couple babies nearly got Moliene back into the water, Vindy ran over to Whalee, the King's brother. The zicovus started punching at Whalee, but Whalee kicked him and the babies ran over to bite Vindy's back. Envylas Oceanwave then started spinning the zicovus around. As Envylas flung Vindy over to Whalee, the nKing's brother smacked the zicovus with Envylas's spear, causing Vindy to fly into the air, disappearing in the clouds. Several hours later, Whalee Vindy landed back onto the grass. Whalee and Wams then managed to get Rolcus Darkclaw, or PropelBottle, over to the Hippo Empire. When Anorbus's clone, or Ago Ago, started attacking, Whalee Vindy and several other hippos started up the mountain towards some babies.

Hippo Story 3

In HS3, Whalee Vindy first appears following Ago Ago's footsteps to Sago's Mountains, where some babies were going. Sammo and Bluespots then started helping Whalee. Whalee unsucessfully threw spears at some babies. A couple chapters later, Whalee, Greenspots, and Bluespots started hiding behind the hippos' portable cave as Erig the Glowing Hippo started attacking hippos.

Hippo Story 4

In HS4, Whalee first appears being chased by the Yippy Dogs. He, along with Anukiaun, Tyglo, and Xal burst into the house while Daddy was watching football. Whalee grabbed King Sammy's stacking cups and Barney, and then started trying to paint Barney. As he nearly got the first drop of green on, Sam and the Baby Army burst into the room, knocking Whalee over and sending the paintbrush and toys flying into the wall. However, George Aigaigy caught the paintbrush, and started messing up Whalee's spots. Whalee tried to escape from George, but was driven onto the edge of the moat, where the Good Hippos Bluespots and Hippos walked towards him. The two Good Hippos then pushed Whalee in, as Sammy threw down a spear to make sure the hippo was defeated. However, as Sammy did not understand the physics of water and the spear floated to the surface near the other side of the Kingdom. Whalee Vindy surfaced

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