A baby and Nupip the Hippo fighting. Probably in King Sammy's front yard again.

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About the Pretend WorldEdit

I first created the Pretend World as a subject to write about in my books. In the Hippo Story books, it follows the Baby-Hippo War and how the Eyes of Akor and Shadows are major parts. In the SMO&W series, it follows King Sammy and his space travelling crew, which zoom around space fighting Cion's brother Sion and some other evil villdizses.

On New WorldsEdit

New Worlds is the name for all Worlds-related things from Liepos's rise onwards. It first focused on Liepos and the Serpentinite and how Evil had to be stopped. After that other worlds started to take part more during Larhien's reign of power. Eventually, following Larhien's death, Arkor-Kolas rose to power. Now Worlds is featuring Arken Zirrh and Travikoris, and the noble knights of Claracks' attempt to stop the rising Goblin armies. The Third Questline will begin in January-February 2013.?
  • Hippo ArmyGo to the Hippo Army!
  • SamLandGo to see what's been goin' on!
  • SerpentiniteGo to the Serpentinite!
  • Sam's WorldGo to a bad dream!
  • CaeglinGo to Genna Dragon-heart of Empyrea
  • EvilGo to who whom shalth destroy Worlds!
  • Vipero ZolantasGo to the No Zicovus Fighting Group
  • ClarackGo to the largest Island!
  • Beep Beeps SnakeGo to Beep Beeps Road
  • Emi's WorldGo to one Super Shadow Angry world!
  • Classic EvilGo to the Lord of Evil in Classic Worlds.
  • My Madeup WorldGo to the one world to rule them all.
  • Eyes of AkorGo to see why Aranxon is a little little baby...
  • IcewormGo to the ultimate survivor.
  • Caquix Nine ShadowsGo to why shalt thou go to thy Temple of Stone/it is because of thy Shadow who lives in thy walls
  • Darkseed the FallenGo to see Darkseed fall/ the black snake yell/ and go to an angrier form.
  • Serpinte alloeGo to Genna's weapon of power

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