The Missing Crown is a short Sam and the Hippos story written by

The Missing Crown
Author Whalee
Illustrator none
Publication date Sometime in 2009
Published by Whalee
Publication Order
Preceded by
Hippo Story 3- Battle for King
Followed by
Adventures of Sam and the Hippos 3-in-1

Whalee. It is not connected to the Hippo Story series in any way and is the second book about a missing crown of King Sammy's.


Sammy wakes up and checks the Special Room for his crown, but only finds butter. Sam's Army shows up, and Sam tells them to check for the crown at the Hippo Empire first. Aluso tells Sam that all that's here is Plujij's rock crown, causing Nupip to chase them out. Aluso and Sam next go to ask Tritoon Leccer, who along with the Leccer Army goes into the Clovin Forest to look. Tritoon and Sam then run into a Seboa village, getting advice from Mekodi Seboa that Whalee the Hippo had the crown. Sam and the Leccers then find it and return to Sam's Empire.