Wiki Pictures July 2011 004

The roads of Sammy Game City.

Sammy Game City is a small Baby Empire city created by Aluso Darkclaw and King Sammy. The Bedtime Song Interstate can be used to get around. Beep Beeps Road is currently closed off because of a strange green snake living under it. Downtown Sammy Game City (aka Far West Samtown) is mostly made up of Hides Road, Deet Deets Road, Beep Beeps Road, and Mama Monster Road. Several companies, including the Alligator Place and Sammy Game Supermart, were created here. The main law is that you must play the Sammy Game a road is named after if you are on that road. Sammy often goes on vacation on Read to Sam Road. The Sam Building and the Glyptus House are two popular attractions.