Pytholl is a well-known blue Serpentinite that resembles Undula and Ratt'l.

Pytholl, with Undula and Ratt'l behind him.
Vital statistics
Title Cobrai's Second-in-Command
Kind of Snake Python
Color Blue and Yellow
Weapons Venom, staff, dagger
Drage Scale Power 6 1/2
Human Nupip Dolkose
Status Alive
Location Serpentinite Island

He is Cobrai's second-in-command (not to be confused with Forketung, Cobrai's assistant) and owns a Snake Staff. His name is a play on the word "python" and is also possibly a hint to his past.


Pytholl was originally Nupip Dolkose- a zicovus- and possibly a python. When Akari Plantir brought Nupip and the python in to show Liepos, Plantir remarked that the merging might not work because Nupip is a zicovus. However Liepos succesfully created Pytholl, who spoke with an odd accent, hated the Babies, and had a lot of spots. Cobrai chose powerful Pytholl over Aconda for his second in command, sending Aconda into the Snake-hippo Cave to live in in anger.

Battle for the Grimbuxss AlloeEdit

Cobrai sent Pytholl to attack Sonic, Shadow, Silver, and Laser Shadow. Pytholl defeats Silver and Sonic, but Shadow and Laser Shadow escape before their defeat. Pytholl is known to have survived the battle.

Quest at Serpentinite IslandEdit

Pytholl captures Sam outside his camp hut, causing the Babies to go after the snake person. Pytholl locks Sam in a cage and, along with Cobrai and Teprile, creates a stack of cages to crush Sam. All the Babies are soon captured and Pytholl is the first to notice the Alarm going off. He, Cobrai, and Descales run to the computer where they find out it is a Good Shadow attack. Pytholl is later seen duelling Ciluse, who beats him. He is also seen when Aconda attacks the Serpentinite.

Battle between Reis's worlds and the GaleniansEdit

Pytholl first appears in this battle making a speech with Cobrai. He also appears blasting random rocks from Bob's World in the middle of the battle. Pytholl was also in the room questioning the Life God when Reis's good gods crashed into the roof.