Isla Colletis and Isla Silva
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The stronghold of Plant Island is located on two small islands off the southern coast of Rithlan . The fortresses on these islands- Isla Colletis and Isla Silva- were founded by King Varidias at the end of the First Era . Before the War with Kolas ,  the Lord of Colletis ruled over the islands of Plant Island. However, the last lord Hederam had no children, and when he was killed the King of the Olvaniar was forced to become leader of the islands. In the War with Kolas, forces from Isla Colletis were dispatched as stealth soldiers along with Etherians and Elves . The soldiers from Isla Silva specialized in healing, and they were quite adept at it. 

Isla ColletisEdit

Isla Colletis, home of the principal strongholds of the city, is a lightly forested island filled with rolling hills, small mountains, and deep valleys. Isla Colletis is much larger than Isla Silva, and the original citadels of Invyras and Vinaros were founded there. In the Worlds 3 Alternate Dimension , Invyras is home to the Plant Island Pelicans football team .

Isla SilvaEdit

Isla Silva, a small and heavily forested island, is home to the healers of the Olvanis Army . Very small citadels are located on Silva, as opposed to the much larger Isla Colletis.