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An outdated picture of OID8.

OID8 is a very famous SamLand user. He creates obbies, and currently has five. They are Sneak out of the Baby Empire, Do You Play With Duplo, SamLand Obby, Sneak out of the Hippo Empire, and Shadow Obby. He created the Morph Potion, which got published as a gear. He also plays other people's obbies, including the Deleter Obby by Xallish. He has been considered for an admin for a while, but so far Doodie, GOOGONFan, and GooeyLon have been chosen instead. OID is best friends with Ardronian and they (knowing each other in real life too) make videos and SL games together.



SammyOfLiberty, Ardronian, NainordraX, UlligickSX, PermanentScratch, Ordrox, Xallish, Sunflower, BABYxx4, Zicarius




Sneak out of the Baby Empire, Sneak out of the Hippo Empire, SamLand Obby, Do You Play With Duplo Obby, Shadow Obby