Noobish is a zicovus and former Silly Hippo. He lives at a little house half a mile from the Hippo Empire. His best friends are Untgon Talps and Shadowblaster, the non-evil duck. His only book appearances have been Noobish and the Duck and Hippo Story 4.


Other Names



Googon Drawpys, Shadowblaster, King Sammy, Nuub, Vipero Zolantas, Untgon Talps, Trogol Ungitroky, Kritont Voogel, Vidlion Xarkido, Lumeeinatis Voogel, Tiglo Zal, George Aigaigy, Klooyns, Sago


Cion, Tarkanium, Zillos, Sion, Shadowy Hippo, Kopexus, Zidocovus, Shlasha, Vucacks, Glagg, Ygrak

Noobish and the DuckEdit

Noobish, while still a Silly Hippo, was present when a malfunctioning laser injured Utan Babypants and sent him to the Baby Hospital. It is then when he quit the dangerous job of being a Silly Hippo. He walked over to the pond behind his house and started muttering about Googon Drawpys and George Aigaigy for a book, when Shadowblaster the Evil Duck warned Noobish that he was stepping on him. Noobish bent down and picked up Shadowblaster. Noobish ran past the Silly Hippo HQ, but three trolls known as Buky, Nuub, and Ratroxis stopped him. Buky, who hates zicovusses, swung his club at Noobish and Shadowblaster. Soon, Nuub stopped him. Now, knowing that Buky, an aggressive troll, was after them, Noobish went to Sago for help. Sago did not give any help at all. Meanwhile, Nuub and his Trainer, Trogol Ungitroky, agreed to go to Noobish's house and apologize for what Buky did. Back at Noobish's house, the zicovus was writing about Angi the Fourth with Shadowblaster when Trogol and Nuub entered. Shadowblaster jumped off the table to greet Nuub. Soon, Trogol lets in another former silly hippo named Untgon Talps. After complimenting Noobish's story, Untgon draws a picture of Nuub, Trogol, Noobish, and Shadowblaster. Then, Shadowblaster heard voices coming from the pond. It was Utan Babypants, quitting Loobipotomas's Troublemaking Club. Noobish and Shadowblaster decide to help Loobipotomas get Utan back. Buky then runs out and ambushes Loobipotomas and Noobish. The two hippos, plus Untgon and Shadowblaster, run into a meeting of the No Hippo Fighting Group. Shadowblaster introduces himself to Vipero Zolantas, then starts resting in Kritont Voogel's hair. Loobipotomas, Untgon, and Noobish manage to convince Utan to stay in the club. However, Buky smashes through the door. Buky slashed with his club at Noobish, but missed. Viper and Noobish jumped onto the troll's club, but got stuck in the ceiling with Shadowblaster. King Sammy, who was in the room above, got the three back into the basement. Noobish, Viper, Sammy, and Shadowblaster fall on Buky's head, defeating him.

Hippo Story 4Edit

In HS4, Noobish makes a much more minor appearance. He, along with Shadowblaster and Untgon, gets metal to Googon Drawpys and Klooyns, who make weapons out of it.