Iceworm, for which the Caves were named.

The Iceworm Caves is a Seboan Island. It is the newest Island, created after the first battle in the Great War. It appears in Hippo Story 5. The island is completely covered in a huge cave. It is about the same length away from Portico as Akino.

The Great WarEdit

After the battle in Hrobrine's world, Mekodi and Relic created the Caves as a tribute to Iceworm, who was killed by Hrobrine in the battle. The Caves were then used by the Good Army as a base in the next battles.

Hippo Story 5Edit

After Agius Nizen declining to look for Sammy in Weirdland, George Aigaigy chooses Tinybaby Zudian, Vilden Kame, and Agius to go to the Iceworm Caves with him. When they arrive, several Hippos which include Tyglo ambush them. George, Tinybaby, and Kame fight the minor Hippos, while Agius fights Tyglo. Soon, Tyglo, two hippos, and Kame are tied together by a rope. Tyglo tells George the Hippos do not have Sam, which the Baby does not believe. George, Agius, and Tinybaby leave the Caves after that.