An average Hippo Army member.

The Hippos are an empire on Portico. They are enemies with the Evil Shadows, Babies, and Myanos and allies with the Firebeaks, Evil Shadows, and Crimsonians. (when Trakkis becomes King.) Also, when Trakkis becomes the King, they are enemies with the Good Shadows, Eyes of Akor, Monsters, and Azurwronians. They are the main villains in Hippo Story (Book), HS2, and HS3.

Before the Books

In about 1803, a zicovus straight out of the Noobfork, Angi, decided that the zicovusses needed a village. So, he and his friends Bluespots, Hippous, and Angdreem started working on it. They built and built until the Zicovus Village was done. Angi, the first King, sent Hippous and Angdreem to bring more zicovusses into the Village. After half a year of building more and more with Bluespots, Hippous and Angdreem came back, each with hundreds of zicovusses. Eventually, a relative of Angi is born, and, due to Evil Shadow attacks on his Island, his family arrives in Zicovus Village. At around this time, Villethoste attacks the Village and Soner and Driptsus, two snakes, drive him out. The current King has sent a message to Angdreem, saying that he will not come back from his mission with Hippous, and neither will his friend. And so, Angdreem and Bluespots create a new crown to put on Angi 2's head. The two friends of Angi eventually lost Angi 2, also. And so, Angi 3 takes the Zicovus Throne. Angi 3 was very different then his ancestors had been. He allowed babies to play in the middle of the village, he built shops to buy toys, food, and water, and he even let kids sit in his throne. However, he proved to be very useful in battle, driving off Tarkanium's group with only the help of six hippos. Eventually, Xegacolanicus arrived in Zicovus Village. He and his group of aggressive hippos took over the Village, scaring out all the citizens. They destroyed Zicovus Village and, believing that they were hippos, created Hippo Empire. Several Kings later, Tyglo became King, with loyal servants Xega, Plujij, and Nupip at his side.

Hippo Story

Right before the events of the Hippo Story series, George Aigaigy of the newly formed Baby Empire ran up to King Tyglo himself. He laughed that they were "big nooby hippopotami with huge silly noses". Then, the baby ran back to his empire, still laughing. Outraged, Tyglo sent Nupip to capture King Sammy and attack the Babies. Nupip obeyed his king, sneaking into Kingdom Street and wrapping the Baby King with his rope, also leaving George with no clothes on. He had made it halfway down the street when the King's brother, Whalee, ran out to save his King. He blew his special whistle, and the Yippy Dogs across the street from the Kingdom ran at Nupip, chasing him back to the Hippo Empire.

Lekis, a defeated hippo.

Hippo Story 2