Georgeland is a new island created by George Aigaigy, his family, and Igneo. It has its own language, Baby Talk, and is the smallest island. It is the most recent Klovy to be formed, and the one closest to Portico. It will, by the time the Hippo Story series is over, be in two books.

Hippo Story 5Edit

In HS5, George and Splatter go to Georgeland to collect Baby Army members so they can free Sam. However, Tarkanium and Zilone were waiting for them. Zilone ends up catching Splatter, while George escapes. Chunks of the island were blown off by Zilone in this ambush.

Hippo Story 10Edit

In the last battle of the HS series, Georgeland and Aec are destroyed by the huge fire created by evil characters. George, however, does rebuild the island with Igneo. Mentary and Metus deal with Aec.