Drakite is a kind of red gemstone, often with orange streaks. Its name comes from The Drake, the guard of the mountain that Zemian drakite is found on. Zemian and Aectesian drakite is known to be more valuable even than aigaisis geodes, while the smaller and less orange Portican and Neetekean drakite only being the price of shadowy.


Drakite has a hardness of 9 using the Mohs scale, and out of Pretend World rocks and minerals only serpite and aigaisis are harder, with serpite at 9.5 and aigaisis at 10. Some Neetekean and Aectesian drakite has very clear cracks and brown spots of the Traigus gem. It has an orange streak and weak magnetism. It has a glassy luster.


Mt. Orfeco in L'vant's Mountains has long been the main source of Zemian drakite. This is one of the reasons the Drake's main guarding place is the mountain. Aectesian drakite is often found as crystals in illiot or drage in the Aectesian lavalands. Portican drakite is often found in geodes and in small amounts in shadowy mines, generally found with the Traigus gem. Neetekean drakite is found in the Arkor River, with shards of the Arkor meteorite and the Traigus gem.